Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Charli K MatthewsCharli K. Matthews

Founder & President

Charli K. Matthews, the Founder & President of Empowering Pumps, LLC., has worked with the pump industry since 2005 and is a known leader for building brands, growing online networks, and helping industrial companies embrace digital media. Her passion and deep understanding of how to leverage social media platforms has enabled Empowering Pumps™ and Empowering Valves™ to become the leading online networks for the pump and valves industries.

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Carter A. Matthews

Co-Founder & Vice President

Carter Matthews, the Vice President, is an alumnus of the University of Alabama with a Bachelors in Communications. With over 15 years experience in B2B media sales and management, Carter brings knowledge of how to integrate data and new digital tools for effective campaigns as well as audience development, helping grow the reach of our media brands.  When not working, you can often find Carter learning valuable life lessons on a golf course.

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Photo of Cieana DetloffCieana Detloff

Director, Content & Marketing

Cieana Detloff, Content Manager for Empowering Pumps™, went from being a Sponsor in 2014 to joining the company as a key contributor. Having previously worked 9 years in the pump aftermarket as a manager of a marketing and creative services department, Detloff creates the kind of content that helps people find excitement in the world of pumps. She has ghost-written articles for many large and mid-sized companies and works with our Partners to create content that provides value to industry professionals.

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