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Our Passion


  • Creating connections for industry professionals.
  • Providing a platform for people to share their knowledge and experiences.
  • Connecting industry leaders with those working with equipment within pumping systems.
  • Using our forum to open the door for peer to peer discussions about pump system efficiency, safety, reliability, and other important topics.


  • Help people working at all levels in industry find information and be able to research solutions to their problems, and answers to their questions.
  • Provide information that helps technicians, engineers, operators, consultants, and even OEMs design and specify more reliable and efficient pumping systems.
  • We connect with industry professional who are searching for information, training, and support through our leading online resources.


  • Believing that the pump is at the heart of the system is in our DNA so influences everything we do, share, and communicate.
  • Engage with the industry and its leaders helping share their insight so that we can collectively drive change across the industry.
  • We take pride in helping new and existing professionals increase their knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the pump system and the industries in which they operate.