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What is it like to Partner with Empowering Pumps & Equipment?

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One of the most important things to my company is the partnerships we have with our clients. Each one is very different because each of our clients is unique in the way they look at their business and the way they want their customers to think about them. This means that we spend time tailoring each and every partner program so that it gives the clients, that we love, the best possible results for their marketing programs.

We want you to think of us as an extension of your marketing team, our goal is to be everywhere you are, which means: digital presence, social media presence, trade shows, company events, and so on. Basically Where You Go, We Go

We believe that an Empowering Pumps & Equipment partner program is the best starting point for your digital media activities with us. We make sure we set time aside at the beginning of the program to learn about you, your company, and your business strategy and goals. This helps us offer guidance on ways to improve your programs to increase both their reach and effectiveness in the digital marketing world. My team’s goal: to help you make a really great marketing plan.

A partner program doesn’t end there because you also have access to my amazing team to help develop great new ideas and create engaging content that can be used to build your brand and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Not surprisingly we also help you build your Social Media Presence. We do this in our partner program as well as in through campaigning. Y’all know that I believe that Social Media is just the best and most cost-effective way of reaching your audience, so we will help and encourage you get started with your social program and to then support as you do it yourself. It still makes me so happy when I see someone’s first tweet or LinkedIn post – if you don’t believe me, ask Phil Mahoney, President of the Fluid Sealing Association; I think he was shocked at just how excited I was!

Why do we do this? Because the better you market yourselves, the better we can market with you!

And remember, Where you go, we go, meaning we are constantly looking for opportunities to connect, inform, and educate the industry about your presence, brand, and products; this includes working to help your customers see you as a great company for solutions to their technical challenges.

So how does it all work?

It starts with us building a unique hub for your company on our web platform. This gives us the ability to showcase a snapshot of your company, and also provides the perfect platform for us to publish and distribute your great technical content and company stories – something I always love to do. This helps you grow your SEO and google ranking and it also starts to boost your brand recognition and sales lead pipeline growth potential as your content is instantly shared with our ever-growing audience; an audience that is looking for answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and information to support their research activities.

So what do we do?

We help build and promote your technical content, top company stories, products, and solutions to your audience through our web platform, eNewsletters, and social media channels.

Using key industry events to first identify and then build engagement with new and existing followers as well as engaging with other media, events, associations, and end users we work to expand your contents reach beyond just the Empowering Pumps & Equipment platform.

We also constantly watch your web and social medial channel activities; promoting, reposting, and showcasing your content, products, and brand …we basically stalk our clients marketing activities.

When we are both at the same live event, we take the time to showcase your attendance and activities, something which has a track record for driving additional booth traffic for clients. If you haven’t seen this already, then check out our live videos from last year’s Powergen, ASPE, and WEFTEC. We love it when we can tell and show the world about our great clients

What do you do?

Simply put, the more you put in, the more you get out of a partnership with Empowering Pumps & Equipment. Once we have your hub up and running and you’ve shared your marketing campaign plans, you just need to start keeping us informed of what you’re doing and where you’re going. And don’t forget to keep sending us your content in the form of blogs, PRs, videos, white papers, case studies, photos, slideshows, banners, hashtags and more.

And remember, we have additional services that you can add to your partner program that are designed to help with program development, increase reach, and build engagement. For example:

  • Content creation services for those times when your internal resources are focused on developing your latest technology and just don’t have the time to write that technical white paper you need
  • Sponsored webinars to help you inform and educate your target audience on your solutions or to train on best practices
  • Audience Marketing activities such as Targeted Display, Targeted Social Display, and YouTube Video Campaigns to increase the reach of your content, generate marketing qualified leads, and build brand followership.

How do we identify, measure and share success of a partner program?

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