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Harness The Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media

While many companies rely on traditional marketing methods to reach new customers, inbound marketing…. Social media… presents opportunities for new customers to FIND YOU!

We’d like offer some initial recommendations to improve your inbound marketing program and build stronger relationships with your customers. And, generate new leads for your products and services.

Generate Leads on your web site

Make your website work for you. If your company has a website that currently acts as an informational tool (essentially a digital brochure), consider reinvesting in the site to make it a lead generating tool! Here’s how:

  • Host and post information about seminars and webinars… people love to learn!
  • Offer a newsletter…. That will help you create new and fresh content on a regular basis.
  • Encourage visitors to post comments…. it’s great tool to learn first hand what is on people’s minds.
  • Write a blog…. build your industry thought leadership by voicing an opinion on trends impacting your customers.
  • Provide useful information in the form of white papers, case studies, and how to videos… help your customers do their jobs better.

The secret is to create landing pages where your new potential customer exchanges their contact information in order to sign up for a seminar, register for a webinar, subscribe to your newsletter, download a white paper or technical guide, or access how to videos for exclusive members.

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