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Empowering Brands is gearing up for exhibiting at Valve World Americas.  We have attended this event in the past and love supporting our partner, KCI publishing.  This year, I am even more excited about the opportunity as I get to present on Social Media and Career Development with my sidekick, Ian Baynes.  We have a unique mentor/mentee relationship that has helped us prepare for this presentation to the Valve industry. You can read more about it here: http://empoweringvalves.com/dynamic-duo-shaping-careers-valve-industry/

This reminded me of the article we wrote about Transforming Event Conversation to Social Media Connections.  Let’s take that a step further.  What do you do after you connect with someone on social media?

You listen, research, and communicate.

Listening on social media is a one of the most important things we do; same as face-to-face conversations. When you listen online, you see what topics interest your new connection.  You see if they like to have public conversations and mentions or if they normally take things immediately offline. Are they more of an observer or an influencer? And my favorite, what are their hobbies, interests, and personality? This is what we are really looking to engage with… the human, right?!?

Research is more about the organizations they are connected with or industry groups in which they may be active. Some insight into their association with these groups will allow you to better understand how you might be able to help them in business. Which is why you connected with them in the first place, right?!?

Communication is the key to making social media work for you.  If you just like each others posts back and forth and never have a real conversation… NOTHING will come of it.. well, other than a smile, but you want a real contact to talk to, right?!?

So… connect, get informed, and then communicate! It’s as easy as asking for an email or phone number to chat about how you think you can help them.

Hopefully, I will see you in Houston at my Social Media presentation, but if not… send me a message and we can plan to really “connect”.

~ Charli