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Why Social Media is Important for Businesses


Author: Cieana Detloff, Content Marketing Manager, Empowering Brands 

I’m a child of the 80’s, so I remember using two very heavy books on a weekly basis – one was my large, green Merriam-Webster Dictionary and the other was the Phone Book (some may remember these as the ‘Yellow Pages’ or the ‘White Pages’). Back in the day, businesses would make sure they were listed in the Phone Book so they could be FOUND when the public needed a product or service. The whole point of being listed in the Phone Book was so that people could FIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Today, we have Google. We live in the digital age, and almost everyone goes online to access information. So how are businesses helping people FIND them online? Through Social Media!!

Social Media enables people to find you. It’s not enough to only have a company website – people have to know it is there! Your business has a phone number and the Phone Book allows people to look up that phone number. Your business has a website and social media directs people there. Every time you create a social post with a link back to a specific page on your website, you improve your search engine rankings, and eventually, your business will show up in the first three pages of Google search results.

Social Media lets people know how you can help them. People typically enter phrases into search engines to learn more about problems they might be experiencing – they might be trying to figure out what they are experiencing before they even start searching for possible solutions. Create content on your website that talks about the issues your business helps to address, then write social posts with links back to those specific web pages. This will help people make the connection that your business has the knowledge and experience to help them!

This fan shared a social post with his 967 followers, increasing the company’s online visibility.
This fan shared a social post with his 967 followers. Fans who share your company’s posts increase online visibility for your business.

Social Media expands your reach. When you are creating social posts with tips and information designed to help your target customer, you will eventually amass a following that will include ‘fans’ that will share your social media posts. Having fans that share your social media posts enables your business to become visible to people you may not have otherwise reached.

Social Media allows you to engage with your audience. Social media has given more people a voice and made it easier for people to reach out directly to companies and people.  As an organization, social media allows you to have a personal touch and have a conversation with your customers and prospects.  Being an active part of the “conversation” on social media will drive a more favorable opinion of your company.

If you have any questions about how Social Media can help your business, send us your inquiry! We’re happy to start a conversation with you!

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