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The Power of a Selfie

the power of the selfie
Rebekah Mechtensimer (left), Charli K. Matthews (center), Elisa Maenhout (right)

Author: Charli K. Matthews

I have seen the power of a great ‘selfie’! What makes a selfie ‘great’? For me, a great selfie is bigger than just a person in a picture. It’s about capturing a moment. It’s about sharing something you value. It’s about inspiring others personally and professionally. The people that invented the selfie stick probably knew something that most are still discovering – background matters…context matters. Selfies tell the world who you are and what you are doing…and they’re bigger than the people in the photo. Think back to Earth Day 2014, when NASA asked people all around the world to post a selfie….what an incredible moment in time to have so many people participate and unite in a Global Selfie! How amazing is that?!!!

So many times, people think about taking a great selfie with the right filter and the perfect angle, but the truth is that some of the best selfies out there are not perfect. We will always see flaws in photos of ourselves, but are the feelings of that moment tangible when you look back at that selfie? I appreciate a good ‘capture’…whether I like how I look or not… if the moment is captured then I LOVE it.  Like the image of my team above….Bethany Womack is our professional photographer of choice and she can capture the moment. That moment showed my team getting closer, it showed the power of the selfie, a glimpse of my Alabama, and that we were all smiles for Empowering Brands.  Photos taken in the moment or inspired by a feeling or a purpose are the most powerful!

Last year, we ran a “selfie” campaign at TPS (check it out on FB and Twitter using the hashtag #GetSocialTPS). What was the purpose and impact of running a selfie campaign at an event for pump industry professionals? This allowed us to capture the actual people at the trade show before we met them. This let us see their personality, their creativity and interests. It was amazing! There was a sense that we knew these people – one person even used a different name, but you knew without a doubt that they were passionate about in the industry (and winning a prize 😀 ).

Let’s be honest, people who are not passionate about their job don’t post pictures flooding their friends’ social media feeds.  They just don’t.  However, some of the most private engineers changed their privacy settings to participate in that digital media event.  It was powerful.  It was amazing to capture. Engineers are not one to post selfies of themselves, but it is critical that they do – WHY? Because the *purpose* of engineers posting images of themselves in action is to inspire the next generation and workforce.

We must continue to come up with ways to make it fun to share with this purpose in mind. As marketers, it is our job to both understand how to market TO the engineer and FOR the engineer. If it wasn’t for engineers, we wouldn’t have the ability to post selfies in the first place! We are getting ready to put the Power of the Selfie on display at #HIannual2018. Make sure you follow and post using the #GETSOCIALHI hashtag during the week of Feb 25th so you can post with purpose!