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Inspired by Nature: Groundwork by Sara Hart

Groundwork by Sara Hart


Sara Hart
Sara Hart

Sara Hart always been interested in design. Whether it is jewelry, pottery, textiles, or garden design, she loves creating works with her hands that are both artistic and functional. The jewelry creations are inspired by nature and are casual, affordable, and unusual while using a variety of materials to create a combination of vintage and modern design.  She lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with her husband and two children.

We caught up with Sara Hart to learn more about her entrepreneur story, Groundwork by Sara Hart and how she’s #EmpoweringTuscaloosa.




What motivated and inspired you to start your own business?

I was motivated to start my own business after I had my first child. I wanted a more flexible schedule so that I could be at home more.  I had been making jewelry for years as a hobby and decided I would give it a shot as a career. 11 years later here I am and still going strong!  I love to travel the country in search of unusual vintage pieces to incorporate into my work.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I am the only employee of my business at the time, which means I have to wear many different hats each and every day! It is primarily a wholesale company, and I ship orders out daily to stores across the country.  My biggest challenge is the fact that I work out of my home (which also happens to be the greatest benefit!). I find myself getting distracted by other household duties.

jewelry by Groundwork by Sara Hart

How do you overcome that challenge of working from home?

I have to stay mindful of the hours of the workday and try to keep other duties outside of that as much as possible.

How do you distinguish yourself from competitors?

I try to distinguish my line from others by always keeping designs fresh and different. Some hot trends I purposely avoid in order to stand out from the crowd. I find materials for my pieces all over the country, which is one of my favorite elements of my job.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur?

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to follow your dream-as long as you work hard and are passionate about your product, there’s nothing that can stop you.

Is there anything you’re currently looking for help with for your business or future goals?

Like I said, I work primarily alone, but am always open to help regarding sales and social media/marketing! I also do photo shoots from time to time and am always looking for new faces for the line!  Contact me if you are interested in being one of my ambassadors!

Are there any promotions you’d like Tuscaloosa to know about?

For the month of July you can buy one, get one half price for any Instagram purchase @groundworkbysarahart 

What’s the best way to reach your business?

My social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.  Also my website www.groundworkbysarahart.com 

I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with my husband and two children, and am so thankful to have a career doing something that I love.  I hope you enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I enjoy making them. Thank you so much for your support.