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Rebekah Mechtensimer Transitions into Sales & Marketing Role for Empowering Brands


Empowering Brands is the parent company of Empowering Pumps & Equipment, the leading online Connection Hub for the Pump Industry. Rebekah Mechtensimer joined the Empowering Pumps & Equipment team in 2017 after working as a Technical Sales Representative for a pump and compressor distributor. Over the past two years, Mechtensimer has provided digital media marketing strategy and support to our partners, covered several live events, and authored articles for our print & digital editions which include 12 Perception-Changing Podcasts for People in Industry and Social Marketing from a Millennial’s Viewpoint.

In this transition into a Sales & Marketing role for Empowering Brands, she will now be supporting additional initiatives driven by the parent company, including Empowering Women in Industry, which is an online community that also hosts an annual conference & awards gala. “Her transition into this Sales and Marketing role is a natural progression that supports the continued growth of our company,” explains Charli K. Matthews, CEO & Founder of Empowering Brands. “In this expanded capacity, she will be supporting multiple initiatives, helping to tell our company’s story and showing how we empower people and companies alike.

Mechtensimer holds a BA in Communication from the University of Pittsburgh and gained a genuine interest in pump and compressor systems back in 2014. “I’m incredibly thankful and excited to grow in my new role within Empowering Brands,” declares Rebekah. “I look forward to communicating the value that Empowering Brands provides as a leader in strategic digital media marketing, the value of the Empowering Pumps & Equipment platform as the ‘go-to-resource’ for the Pump Industry, and the continued emphasis on lifting up Women in Industry.”

Please join us in congratulating Rebekah in her new position as the Sales & Marketing Manager at Empowering Brands! She can be reached at rebekah@empowering-brands.com or through social media (Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram).

For more information related to this press release, please contact Charli K. Matthews at 205-614-8601 or email her at charli@empowering-brands.com.