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10 Social Media Tips for Small Business


Regardless of your personal feelings on social media and some of the specific channels, it’s an absolute necessity for business today.  Managing social media can be a little overwhelming for small businesses who lack the time, funds or manpower to dedicate to do it effectively.  Why use social media? It’s where your customers are! According to research by eMarketer, more than 50% of small  businesses rely on social media as their primary marketing technique even ahead of the company website.  Here’s a few social media tips to consider…


It’s no longer a question of if you should but instead what to do!  Any business with a social media presence is viewed as more competent.  An active presence shows your company takes care of everything and is open to its customers.  Likewise companies without social media or that aren’t active can plant a seed of doubt among potential customers.

2. Start where your customers are!

Just because you may have a particular preference doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone does.  It’s much easier to go to your customers than it is to bring them to where you are.

3. Entertaining and Useful Content is MUCH better than promotional content.

People go on social media now out of habit and to be entertained, not to be marketed at.  So think in terms of what would my customers engage with or find useful and start there.

4. Images and Video are Key

Use high quality crisp visuals.  Plenty of research shows good images increase social engagement and video is growing rapidly!

5. Don’t over-analyze your posts

Be human and don’t worry about getting 10 approvals.  People don’t respond to perfectly robotic bland statements.

6. Know Who You’re Talking To

Understanding your customers and their interests is a great way to narrow the target and understand how to speak to them.

7. Engagement is Two-Way

When people mention you on social media, let them know you’re listening by engaging back and responding.  Don’t try and hide or bury all negative feedback.  Just be human and respond to what’s being said

8. Have a Plan

Know what you’re going to say and why.  Consider a posting schedule or content calendar to plan out your social media strategy and coordinate with other marketing efforts.

9. Set a Goal and Measure

Seems simple enough but seriously don’t do something just to do it.  What’s the goal?  Drive site traffic? Build following?  Decide on a goal that makes since and measure results.

10. Get Help (if you need it)!

If you don’t have the time or internal resources consider finding some help.  There are plenty of people or companies who can help you either get started or completely manage your social media.

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Carter Matthews, Empowering BrandsPresident, Digital Marketing Strategist

Carter Matthews, the President, is an alumnus of the University of Alabama with a Bachelors in Communications. With over 17 years experience in media and management, Carter brings knowledge of how to use data and content with digital and social advertising for effective campaigns.  When not working, you can often find Carter learning valuable life lessons on a golf course.