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How to Deal with Comments on Social Media


Author: Carter Matthews and Rebekah Mechtensimer

Social media is a fantastic and essential way to be marketing your company online. It’s important that you not only have a regular schedule of content being distributed across your social platforms, but it’s also important to be engaged online and interacting with your audience. This makes your audience see your company as real people and not just a robot scheduling posts and ignoring everything else.

Managing comments can be a difficult task. Comments on your posts and pages can be positive and they can also be negative as I’m sure we’ve all seen. The good news is that there are many ways that you can interact with positive comments and continue to grow your brand recognition and also some tactful ways that you can deal with negative comments.

Positive Comments:

It’s important that you have at least one person at the company that monitors your social interactions and comments. A best practice is to have multiple people on your team that work together to manage these comments and respond accordingly. Not all comments need a response back. It’s perfectly okay to just give a reaction to the comment showing an individual that you appreciate and acknowledge their post. It’s also a great idea to respond to the really good comments to display a personalized touch.

Negative Comments:

This is where it gets a little tricky. If the comment is clearly spam, this is something that you can delete and leave it as that. For negative comments that aren’t spam, it’s important to stay positive in your response. Not everyone is going to agree with what you have to say but as a company you do need to respond in a way that isn’t going to hurt your company’s reputation. While we certainly wish we wouldn’t get those types of comments, I think the best course of action is responding in a way that tries to acknowledge their issue, solve their problem, or invite them to converse offline to remedy the situation.


It’s crucial that questions are handled in a timely manner. You can lose followers and the worst-case scenario, potential business and sales. This goes back to the best practice of having multiple people on your team that can respond and help these individuals with their needs. Even if you’re the only one managing the comments, it’s great to have various responses for questions that you can utilize to be making sure you aren’t responding in the same exact manner each time. It’s important that if people are scrolling through your posts and looking at the comments that it doesn’t look like you copy and paste the same text for every similar comment. While it might seem unnecessary to craft different responses, it shows a more personal touch and your audience will respond more favorably to that.

When it comes to social media, it’s important to have a game plan so that you are maximizing your time effectively. Going in and checking comments daily should be the goal and if you’re lucky enough to have a few people to help you with this job, it makes it easier to accomplish your social goals.

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