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Best Trade Show Alternatives When You Can’t Get There

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We’ve previously written on What to Do When Your Trade Show is Cancelled and thought we would continue in that line of thought. Trade shows will be back eventually. But what can you do if you can’t get to your trade show or shows of choice? We’ll show you below.

Trade Show Alternatives

There are alternatives for those of you who haven’t got the budget or schedule for a trade show. They include:

  1. Generate Fresh Content that supports your Inbound Marketing Strategy – You’ve got the time, why not put together a case study on your product or service to show your clientele what you can do for them? A good case study can give buyers the confidence to trust your business by providing them with relatable human data of its value. The content will be completely unique in the face of older case studies and blog posts, in addition to the potential of going viral in your industry. You can even get a new customer or previous one who is on the cusp of choosing your B2B to participate in the case study, which is beneficial for them in that they will have some publicity too, not to mention incentive to share the case study. Need some examples? Flowserve Corporation has this section with all their case studies for review. Want to go the video route? Check out this video library from Almatec with both videos and success stories.
  2. Get into the news stream – The media is desperate for all news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. How has your operation been affected? You may be surprised at how many news outlets could be interested in your story. This includes everything from your hometown paper to local news channels and even industry publications. Contact them if you have anything from a Coronavirus related problem to solution that the public would enjoy. Some people may see this as ‘ambulance’ chasing, but if you are a company providing an essential service, you are not just trying to get attention – you are working to communicate your value at a critical time.
  3. Connect on video conference – No doubt all of your current and prospective clients have begun to video chat on a regular basis. Establish accounts for your team on all the major video chat platforms such as Zoom, Teams, etc. Encourage your team to opt for this way of communicating rather than over the phone. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to shake hands with your clients, but you will make more of an impact than those who go with audio and/or email alone. Best of all, these apps allow you to share screens so your salespeople can highlight your product or service directly.
  4. Look for virtual conferences – We all have our favorite conferences we enjoy attending whether in a booth or as a visitor. Research to see which, if any, will be held in a virtual arena. The costs associated with the trade show are sure to be much lower, and there may be far more attendees than you may imagine.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the resources and ideas above or if you have your own trade show alternative. Our team at Empowering Brands is here to help you make the most of these trying times.