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3 Tips on How to Participate on Social Media during an Event

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If you listened to this week’s #EmpoweringIndustryPodcast (episode 23) then you got to hear Charli and Bethany’s tips for how to participate in social media during an event. If you didn’t listen to it, you definitely need to, but we’ll still share those
same tips here for you!

Use the event hashtag to let people know that you’re participating

If you’re attending the networking happy hour or participating in a really good session, let people know! You can do this by sharing screenshots of the session you’re in and including your thoughts, or just posting about the event in real-time. The key is to make sure that you’re using the show hashtags so other people can interact with you. Really, it’s about being visible and that’s main point here.

Interact online

Second to your regular posts, following the show hashtag (actually clicking the hashtag and looking at all of the posts that have used it) and engaging with the community utilizing it will further create that visibility and also can increase your social network. Say someone posted about the same session you really enjoyed, like their post and if you want to take it a step further you can comment on their post and give your thoughts. You can also interact and engage with the event online by sharing posts that interest you and follow the industry experts that they tag for additional ways to interact.

Synchronize all of your online profiles

Now this is an expert tip! Make sure that your social profile images and bios are the same as what you used to create your event app profile. Doing this is going to make it easier for people to find you on social media and recognize you as the person
they were already interacting with on the event app. You want to be clear on who you are and what your industry networking goals are. No one likes meeting someone then going to connect with them online and not being able to figure out which profile belongs to them. Make it easy for people!
Pretty easy, right? It doesn’t take much to maximize your reach and visibility at an event using media. Social is the easiest and quickest way to connect and network with people virtually, so why not make sure that you’re practicing these three things to make the most out of it? Have any other tips? Share your thoughts with us or engage with us online!