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Empowering TuscaloosaEmpowering Tuscaloosa ® is a blog and social media brand created by us here at Empowering Brands to highlight the WHO & WHY behind what makes our city go.  We are particularly interested in sharing the stories of entrepreneurs, business owners and difference makers who are empowering the city of Tuscaloosa.

Our goal is to share stories and connect the people in our community to better understand the great things that are happening here.

Empowering Tuscaloosa is a contemporary way of marketing through content marketing and social media.

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Empowering TuscaloosaHow to be Featured

  1. You must be a local business owner, entrepreneur or active difference maker in the city of Tuscaloosa, AL and immediate surrounding community.
  2. Contact us via the form below or send us an email to be featured.  We will send you interview questions and you’ll send it back along with two or three high res images of yourself and/or business.
  3. Your story will be published on the website and promoted across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  4. There is a $150 fee* to be featured. Contact us for more information.

Benefits of Being Featured

  • Build Awareness
  • Generate buzz
  • Drive Traffic
  • Support a good cause here locally.

*We will be supporting a business through The EDGE (Tuscaloosa’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation).  Read more about The EDGE and their mission here.